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Clearly Better Glass Cleaner isn’t just any old glass cleaner; it’s made for cars. This isn’t the same cleaner used by window washers and put into a bottle with a car on it. This is the only glass cleaner that should touch your ride. Since it is 100% ammonia-free it won’t dry out your weatherstripping or ruin the tint like economy glass cleaners do. And it also doesn’t leave those annoying streaks or wipe marks on your windows. It works flawlessly even in the hottest sun. Clearly Better Glass Cleaner is the #1 choice of auto enthusiasts, not window washers, though they’d like it too.

(1) Spray on cloth or windshield.
(2) Wipe.
(3) Dry with a clean towel (microfiber or soft cotton).

Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:
Don’t be afraid to use Clearly Better in the hot sun – it’s the only glass cleaner on the market that is 100% guaranteed to be streak-free! Clearly Better’s ammonia free formula makes it safe on tinted windows and weather stripping. Its safe and effective formula works great on all mirrors, windows and even granite counter tops.

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